Sea Glass Jewelry in Discovery Bay

Sea Glass Jewelry Styles


We now make all sorts of hand crafted jewelry with cultured sea glass in a variety of vivid colors and interesting shapes.

Custom Orders Available


Shown here is our Pink Starfish Sea Glass Bracelet.  We have many colors and shapes on hand to design something just for you!

Sampling of Sea Glass Bracelets


Please see our photo gallery below for more styles and prices.

Sea Glass Styles

Cultured Sea Glass


Our cultured sea glass beads, pendants and shapes are made mostly of recycled glass material, hand-made into matte glass with sea glass finishing which mimics the natural beauty of sea glass.  This complex method gives a beautiful result with over 20 different colors and shapes. 

Lilac Sea Glass Necklace Set


This set is versatile and can be worn a number of ways.  The pendant or charm can be changed  and extra charms are available.  The pendant shown here is an Essential Oil Diffuser Locket which can hold your favorite scent.  The set is $30.00.   

Turquoise Sea Glass Set


This turquoise sea glass set has smaller irregular shaped pieces of clear glass in between to add some versatility and sells for $25.00 for the set.  Call us to see what other colors we have available! 

Green Sea Glass Necklace Set


One of our various colors is a all time sea glass as shown here here and comes with matching earrings.  The set is $25.00

White Starfish Sea Glass Set


Our white starfish sea glass set features starfish on either side of the pendant focal point.  It comes with matching earrings sells for $30.00.  

Turquoise Sea Glass Bracelet


This cute sea glass bracelet combines cultured sea glass and pearls and comes with a dolphin charm or your choice of sea life charms and is $15.00.  It can also be made with an essential oil diffuser pendant charm.